Well, I couldn't let nearly two decades of HR experience go to waste, could I?

I offer bespoke HR services for individuals such as:



Interview planning, preparation and practice

If you can provide me with your current CV and the job description of the role you're applying for, I can get you in the best possible position to bowl those interviewers over and land the job you're after!


One-off career coaching

If you are beginning to think that your current role isn't for you anymore but you either can't pinpoint why or you don't have a clue which direction to focus your attention in for a new career path then I provide one-off coaching sessions in order to help you gain clarity and regain interest in your career again.


Preparation for a meeting you're dreading

This could be any kind of meeting; your annual appraisal, asking for a salary increase, addressing with your colleague (or worse still, boss) that the way they speak to you feels belittling... absolutely any meeting where just thinking about it causes you to feel anxious or uncomfortable. We'll talk through the situation, ascertain what it is that is troubling you about the imminent meeting and plan your best approach in order to ensure that when you're in the meeting you get everything across that you need and do everything necessary to guarantee that you go into the meeting feeling positive, confident and resolve the situation in the best way possible for both parties.


Cost for bespoke HR services: £75 per hour