Ashleigh Joanna Searle (Private Tutor and Writer. Milan, Italy)

Before LifeCoaching

I started Kate’s course in Life Coaching as I was feeling confused about the direction my career seemed to be going in. I had got to a point where I couldn’t make any decisions as I had no aims or goals. This was causing me stress and anxiety, a circle in which I found I couldn’t get out of.

Setting Goals

After just one or two sessions with Kate, I found that working through my own beliefs and values helped me establish clear goals to work towards; broken down into manageable, weekly components. Understanding that a lack of self belief and confidence was one of the reasons for me feeling unhappy, Kate gently pushed me into exercises and challenges that allowed my confidence to grow. Kate also spent a lot of time working on what I really wanted to focus my career on and how I could go about making changes in my life happen. I came to find the weekly sessions invaluable, as I was able to express any worries I had and track my progress and goals.

Changes Made

Since completing Kate’s course in Life Coaching I feel a lot more confident and driven in all aspects of my life. My increased belief in myself has meant that my professional and personal relationships are much better and I feel that my career is really taking shape. In addition, I understand the triggers for my anxiety and I find I am much better able to cope with stress as my mindset has been totally transformed.