Hello and Welcome

Hi, I'm Kate, founder of Kate Walmsley Life Coaching.


I'm a Transformational Mindset Coach working with smart individuals who have the ability to achieve anything they desire in their lives but something, usually a limiting belief they hold about themselves or misaligned values (e.g. striving to do/say/be that which is important to others rather than themselves), holds them back. 

* Are you a smart woman who knows there is something holding you back from being everything you're capable of being?

* Do you struggle to get the balance right between all of the different roles in your life? (Mum, wife, employee, manager, business owner, daughter, friend... the list is never ending!)

* Do you find yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed on a far-too-regular basis?

If this sounds like you you'll be relieved to know this can be rectified extremely easily when you're working with someone who knows the right questions to ask and tools to use to transform the direction your life is going in. 

The coaching programme I offer is a 13 session programme (each session lasting roughly 60-90 minutes) with sessions being taken weekly or fortnightly depending on your preference, usually via Skype. Topics covered include Goal Setting, your Personal Beliefs, your Personal Value System and the associated subconscious Rules you will have attached to your Values, the Six Human Needs, Communication and Projection, Responsibilities, Self-Talk, Long-Term Goal-Setting and lastly discovering the your Life Purpose!! It's genuinely life-changing, I can testify to that!!

I also offer bespoke HR Services for individuals such as Interview planning, preparation and practice, Career Coaching and preparation for any kind of meeting that you’re not looking forward to. Well, I couldn’t let those 16 years of Corporate HR experience go to waste could I?...

'Think big and your dreams will grow;

Think small and you'll fall behind;

Think that you can and you will;

It's all in the state of mind.'

(Author Unknown)